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Research & Praxis

Research Projects

Angel Dye (2017)

Moving On, Moving Up: Realities, Relations, and Advancement for Black Women in Post-Apartheid South Africa 

Amoge Ezike (2017)

"Underlying Causes of Xenophobic Violence in South Africa" 

Jori Forton (2017)

Breaking the Cycle: How Does Menstruation Impact Girls’ Education 

Udodilim Nnamdi (2016)

The Truth Behind the TRC: “A Study of the TRC's Failures, Shortcomings, & Denial of Civil Society" 

Chinwe Obodo (2017)

The Scramble for Africa: An Investigation of Neocolonialism and the Rise of Chinese Economic Influence within Africa 

Melisa Philogene (2017)

“Eye Care in Ghana” 

Brittany Scott (2017)

Oppressed but Never Enslaved: Youth Unemployment at the Hands of a Post-Apartheid Nation  

Danielle Scott (2015)

Neo-Colonialism at the Heart of the Pan-African Movement: Analyzing the effects of China’s Economic Practices in the Republic of Ghana Utilizing the Triangualative Approach and the Dependency Theory  

Ogoshukwu Ufio (2017)

Implementing Universal Health Coverage in African countries with South Africa as a focus country: What Can Africa Learn from Itself?